Can this be real fellow PUNKROCKERS?





Go halves on the premium cottage if you’ve got $1500 going spare?


Yeah m8, just going to sell off my signed copy of the first New York Dolls album that Johnny Thunders puked on first to cover the cost.


Actual dogshit.


Just done a proper laugh at

“hors d’oeuvres, followed by gourmet dinner, camp orientation and an opening night Solo Performance by Frank Turner”


It’s pretty embarrassing but not sure it’s worth the indignation I’ve seen on FB etc today.

Frank Turner basically seems like a nice dude (although his music is dogshit, including Million Dead HOT TAKE ALERT), if people have the cash to go and play folksy woodsman singer songwriter for a few days who really gives a shit.


This is insane

A grand for a camping spot



Dog selling camping space?


how come the musicians most into calling themselves PUNK are always the least punk


God Save the Quinoa


Give 'Em Enough (Hemp) Rope.


$100 early bird discount expires October 5th


Remember when he was alright?




Ok let me rephrase, remember that band he was in who had a really good record?


It strikes me that no-one calls Frank Turner punk as much as the people who hate him. Same for all that ‘pretending to be working class’ bullshit that gets wheeled out on the reg. I’m not really a fan (I’d have to say, The Best Of Frank Turner) but he’s like the Nickelback/Coldplay of the Bloke At A Party With A Guitar scene


Oh is this about Frank Turner
Fuck me he’s a boring twat


have never actually listened to them but feel i should at some point


how do you do, fellow punkrockers?