Can this be real?


Dean Cain, Tara Reid, hedgehog.

(sorry Karina martinez but idkwya,p)




Superman looks like Fat Mac


:smiley: amazing.

I hope this is real. It doesn’t look it.



I saw loads of people retweeting Tara Reid’s tweet about it the other day, apparently she’s made 9 films this year already or something. Whatever pays the bills I guess.


Every day the south park writers must slip nearer to despair at being outdone by real life


Oh yeah she does all those super shit ones like sharknado which are just churned out.


So many Sharknados.


They actually said that with the last season they regretted starting the Trump/Garrison thing the season before because the world is now more ridiculous and funny than they can try to be by satirising it.


Wait, what’s this then?


Looks shit


Tough crowd.


(Same production company, innit).


And this?


But no one farts on shadow and it doesn’t talk?


Sorry, I don’t get/recognise it.



Yup, same people. They’re mass producing generic family films for streaming starring either Tara Reid, Dean Cain or both.


FINALLY we get to see cat-race’s film.