Can this be real?

nice to see that @Epimer has made the phrase his own

Dean Cain as Superman? Yeah I can get behind that. Dean Cain as a high court judge? Absolutely get tae fuck.

It’s pretty high in my autocorrect dictionary for c.

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I actually don’t get why that exists either, sorry.

Is it about QOTSA’s Feel Good Hit of the Summer?

She’s in this

which looks really bad.

No, coincidence.

Oh, Theo


Hey, the earliest reference seemed to be just a list of stuff that @Epimer added ‘cocaine’ to the end of, hence that’s my best guess.

On the plus side, it has a reasonable chance of being better than most of the films it’s parodying.

For many of them that’s a spectacularly low bar and for the outright classics in there it’s just going to seem cheap :smiley:

wish i was in a film about a talking hedgehog


Her perfume brand is called ‘Shark by Tara’ :+1:

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This thread has reminded me that I saw this over Christmas:

It was appalling. There are five sequels, ALL WITH THE ORIGINAL CAST.

Awww that doge

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This is entirely different. UCBS is by Painted Creek and Auburn Moon productions, which are award-winning film companies. This hedgehog thing is under “Be Your Own Hollywood” has absolutely no relation. UCBS also has a quality totally different and has already won best film at an international film festival in Berlin. I suggest you watch both of the trailers because these are sooooo different lmao


Yeah @hip_young_gunslinger, you’ve been well and truly told now!


Pffft does that hedgehog even know what a piano is?


Which international film festival was it? I’m struggling to find any reference to it on the internet.

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Thanks for sharing @HarleyTheSwede