Can this be the Thursday thread?

I can’t see another one

Looks like it might be

Any plans folks? I managed to install my new router with no issues last night. I say install, it was basically “plug in”.

Anyway, good news for Brightonians - the Portuguese cafe on Oxford Street has reopened again after I thought it had closed down for good in lockdown. I got some fresh pasteis de nata yesterday and they were every bit as good as I remember.


Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


would love to turn these into a timelapse gif
do the cranes ever change position?

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Immersion heater might not be working, taking ages to warm up, turned it on at 7am. :frowning:

Stuff in the flat is slowly falling apart.


No work calls today. Have a list of quite straightforward tasks to complete. Let’s see if I can do them quickly then enjoy the rest of the day or endlessly procrastinate

Morning all!

Wor Lass is off work today so she made black pudding and eggs while I delivered The Child to nursery. I might need a second round of breakfast to get some carb into me.

My day should be quite straightforward but I say that every week and spend 45m (that I’d like to be playing Spider-Man on company time) talking the same couple of students through bits of work.

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Alright? Taking Mrs F to 2 medical appointments, then home for some kind of elaborate buffet dinner.

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Here’s one I did earlier (after Lockdown I finished)


Possibly Portugal’s* greatest gift to the world.

*Might be an exaggeration, but not by that much.

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do I need to know what all those things mean?

the different names on the bottles

Morning all. In the office early because I need to finish an application letter before I move on to updating my CV – without being spotted by the bosses – to send off tomorrow, so I’m feeling pretty sleep-deprived. On the other hand, the big packs of chicken breasts were on discount when I popped into M&S on the way to work and I’ve just had a big ol’ bacon bap for breakfast as a pick-me-up, so it’s more up than down.

Today is looking fun:

  • slept terribly (we have been waiting for nearly a week for a carpenter to continue the work on our roof. As a result, there’s a temporary tarpaulin roof over our bedroom which is not only freezing but sounded like it was going to come apart in the wind last night).
  • now have the carpenters in the house, which means the upstairs is too noisy to work
  • Eldest is having to stay home and self-isolate as someone in her year-group has tested positive for covid
  • Work is super busy because my boss is off.

:+1: :grimacing: :+1:

morning all :wave:

plan for today is basically get through work unscathed - I haven’t slept properly for a few days (various, boring reasons for this) so as a result am feeling somewhat tired. have a two hour strategy meeting in a bit, can’t see that helping :yawning_face:

think I have like four parcels turning up today - some PS5 stuff turning up in advance of the actual console and some birthday presents for my wife, which I ordered before she asked me not to buy many presents. oops.

Morning all.

One of our car windows is stuck so I’ve had to take it to the garage. One of those faults that I just know will somehow resolve itself and they’ll call me back later saying, “we checked it and it works fine. We’re keeping your car because you’re too dumb to own one. Also you somehow owe us All The Money.” And I’ll have no come back to that. I’ll just have to march into the hills and live feral. Become an urban legend. Eventually die choking on rat meat. That’s all I have to look forward to now.

I’ve nothing else to offer, just fancied moaning/catastrophising a bit.

Hope you’re all well.



Tricky having an alt account and posting in the morning thread, but hi :wave:

Stressful day today. Work seems to permanently be losing people when we need them the most and stuff keeps getting dropped so getting through the day without destroying anything would be nice.

Otherwise I have a tenancy inspection today, which will mean loading the cat into its carrier and putting her in the car at 3, which I am not looking forward to doing :neutral_face:

There should be a national cat hiding service for this reason, it must be a pretty regular thing.

I have no idea where I’d hide the cat tree if my landlady comes round.

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That’s what Dreamies are for. Forget any other cat treats, Dreamies are like crack for cats, so they won’t care if having them also involves going into a cat box.

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