Can we all agree that...

…carrot cake is shite for bad, bad nobs?


Nah, carrot cake is great. I’m not 100% the carrots really add much, though. I feel like it’s basically an extra ingredient to make a straight fluffy sweet cake seem different.


What a terrible opinion


carrot cake with icing:

  • only way to eat it
  • enjoy a dry carrot cake

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I quite like both, but I’d eat dry and not miss the icing… I’m picking dry!!

Just an all-time boring dessert for old people ain’t it?


I think of it as more of a hip cool cake for third wave coffee bores (like me)


A good carrot cake is very moist and does not need icing.


it’s no cheese or halloumi cake, or any of the other cakes that’s for sure

Carrot cake is awesome. Unless it has raisins in, ofc.

I also like to make butternut squash muffins which are the same thing really.


Carrot cake, with loads of icing is delicious. You can keep your beetroot cake, courgette cake etc though. Bleurgh.

if it has icing, it’s very important to me that it is sour (lemony?) enough, not sweet

The big lads nailed it again!

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anyone can like any food if they really want to


Carrot cake is one of my favourite cakes and I am a bad, bad nob, so this may be true

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I’m with @Scout - good cake as long as raisins are minimal to non-existant, and it better have icing

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I also think carrot cake is pretty bad. Also, some people are making cakes out of courgette these days.

Yeah, few things more disappointing that not realising it’s got raisins or sultanas in it until you start eating it.

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I really think there should be a warning on packaging/menus.

I had some porridge a few weeks ago - coconut and rhubarb, it was amazing EXCEPT the menu didn’t mention raisins so I had to pick them all out like a child.