Can we block images?


@sean This is probably a stupid question, but are all these images we’re uploading going to cost the site more $$$?

If so, I might have a couple of follow up questions.


I don’t think so. It’s charged per 100k pageviews upto 200k pageviews and then I have to chat with @discourse about the rate.

We also have the option to self-host but that would involve server admin and no tech support.

Might have to rethink things.


Sean can make maximum image upload size 0 but that means we lose avatars too, apparently.


These are the pricing options btw. 50GB storage is plenty.


I suppose you wouldn’t do it here but what is Discourse’s stance on not allowing people to upload images at all? Is that a removable feature?


See my two replies at the start of the thread. Basically they haven’t considered it. I think the assumption is that as they can’t be avoided on Twitter, FB etc it’s a fairly niche request right now.

Personally I still think there’s room for forums/social media to have those options and it’s really a simple thing. You’ll see they are now looking into it from Sean’s posting from their site :slight_smile:


Fair to say they’re not dead keen to add the option.