Can we have a general 'good recipes' thread?

Either your go-to staples or new finds, whatever.

I made Jamie Oliver’s Aubergine Parmigiana yesterday. I should’ve been eating aubergine parmagianas a long time ago.

Inspire me.

(personal preference for lower cal recipes but not essential).

Photos encouraged.


Love an aubergine parmigiana


I’ll get in 1st with this DIS classic

She specifies a big frying pan but I prefer to use a wok - makes it easier to semi deep fry the tofu to get it proper crispy


Can’t find the actually good photo I took.

It’s really really good and not difficult, just needs a bit of time. Credit to @keith as always.


Street tofu!!

I looked at buying a block of tofu the other day (had it in restaurants but never cooked it). It was like 6 quid, for a block the size of an average 2quid block of cheese, is that normal??? It was in an indie greengrocers tbf.

Love this photo. Gonna make this on Sunday.


It’s cheaper in supermarkets

Top tip

Before cooking give the tofu a pressing - wrapped in kitchen roll with a heavy pan and cook books or whatever on top

This makes the tofu former and less likely to fall apart


I make it with chicken thighs usually, and have done it with skirt beef too.

Felicity Cloake gets on my tits, although primarily because of her cut and paste approach to any bread based recipe.

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Perhaps a bit off topic because it’s baking, but this recipe is so basic whilst also being so great that it’s worth a plug.

Simple as this: equal weight of flour, butter and grated gruyere cheese. Breadcrumb the flour and butter, mix in the cheese, roll out to about 5mm, cut circles, put on a baking sheet, sprinkle with salt and pepper, bake at 180 for about ten minutes, cool.

Result: some fucking moreish cheese biscuits.


I think I just get really annoyed at her (assuming very well paid) job being basically ‘faff around at home for a few hours a week deep frying stuff in a couple of different oils and pretending to notice the difference’

Yes. It doesn’t help that I have a friend who does something very similar, off the back of having earned a shitload of money in her twenties and then going full “hobby career”.

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It’s probably not that well-paid to be fair, although presumably she’s got a book or two out.

Who recommended this before? @Jeremys_Iron? Absolutely peng.

A recent entry into the Balonz household rotation is the unusual halloumi pasta


Can I use an actual nice cheese instead?

I do not believe you would then get the full benefit of the recipe you pleb-palated heathen!

Couple of tried and tested :ok_hand:


This is our standard cookie recipe (plus hopefully it upsets @colinfilth)