Can we have a general 'good recipes' thread?

I’m making this tonight. It’s super easy and very tasty. I’m not a hug fan of courgettes so substitute that with extra red onion/shallots. :+1:

Been thinking it would be good to have a thread like this for a while :+1:

This is a quick, easy weeknight staple in the zowee house:

Mushroom & halloumi burger

Rub oil on field mushroom(s) & cook for about 20 mins @180

Pan fry slices of halloumi

Burger bun (Aldi’s seeded brioche burger buns are the best) > Layer field mushroom > halloumi > thin slices of raw red onion > a few salad leaves or raw baby spinach > mix mayonnaise & chipotle paste and spread on inside of burger bun lid.

Proper simple yum


The potato and coriander soup here is knockout, it is hands down the best soup I have ever had.


This is pretty dece

Gf and vegan if you use alpro rather than yoghurt

i’ve posted about these before. i think they don’t sound as good as they actually are. these won me a baking competition at work last year and you should definitely make them (unless you’re allergic or anything)

very simple recipe, basically just peanut butter, sugar and eggs. you don’t need to be precise to the gram so if you can find a tub of peanut butter that’s about 450g you can just use 1 tub and not bother weighing. i use waitrose essential which is just over.

a few tips:

  • if you don’t have a suitably sized scoop just roll it into balls
  • they will be very soft when they come out of the oven but they firm up, don’t over-bake them
  • i don’t freeze them before baking because who has space in their freezer for that? just try to keep the raw dough cold, stick them in the fridge if you can, definitely chill the dough before attempting to form the cookies
  • although the recipe says use a whisk, even before you add the peanut butter the mixture will be too thick to whisk. stirring with a spoon is fine.
  • once i didn’t have enough soft brown sugar so used mostly granulated demerara and they still came out fine

Posting so I don’t forget this thread. Got a couple of stand bys I can contribute.

absolute go to in the winter. usually make a load on a sunday and have every single weeknight with bit of rice or chipati


Yeah I make one of these, I stick in green veg like beans or Brocolli or sugar snaps* too

*try and not buy these very often tbh, becoming more wary of food miles, but it’s difficult when literally the only thing that grows locally is potatoes and mushrooms

frozen peas or blended spinach are :ok_hand: too

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@epimer how in the name of hell did you get it to look like that :smiley:

(at the top, bottom right is my sweet potato daal)

8.75/10 good curry.

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It was ‘er indoors’ food photography! It didn’t look brilliant but she managed to make it look disgusting.

Any new recipes recommendations? Fancy cooking something different tomorrow night but looking for inspiration, been cooking up a storm with some Thai dishes lately.

Made that Thomasina Miers chicken thighs recipe a couple of weeks back, tasty but probably looked better than it actually was.

I want to make jerk chicken, probably with rice and peas. any good recipes?

No but the Jamie Oliver one in 30 minute meals is pish, if that helps at all.

I have that book, so thanks

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It’s not PROPER jerk but the jerk drumsticks recipe in this Levi Roots book is excellent:

(I don’t think the recipe is available online)

I’ve never cooked jerk at home because I’m never going to do it better than any specific jerk takeaway does so what’s the point.

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There’s nothing like a carribean takeaway anywhere near me so that’s fine

Ah that’s a shame. Absolutely spoilt in London for them.

Irish stats office estimate that there are between 50-200 Jamaican nationals in the whole country!