Can we have a new Pub Quiz Team Names thread for the new board?




(Going to a pub quiz tonight and need new ideas)

Quiz team names (work appropriate)

Our recent thing has been to take common pub quiz pun team names and remove the pub quiz pun element. We came second last week as ‘Jizz on my face’.

Tonight we will be going to an IASIP quiz as Chemical Toilet


Team Niki




The Peloton of Trivia


Christina Aguilera


Olivia Newton John


So-called Islamic State


Quiz Froome


Beale’s Plaice.


Manchester United


Quizlamic, surely


I hosted my first quiz on Sunday. Some people said it was slightly too difficult, plus I realise I said the wrong answer for a question on the tube. I will not reveal that.

Oh, Christine Bleakley


I think that’s the joke


Have previously had success with the names “Joss Stone’s Severed Head” and “Sean Kingston’s Jet-ski” but I can’t imagine either of those would be particularly popular in 2017


I’ll grab me coat


Sally Gunnell’s Windy Tunnel


Team America


Smells Like Quiz Team Spirit


Dizzee Rascal