Can we have a nice thread about something nice?

any ideas?

the music of paul mcartney?


yeah, you got me


I don’t know, can we?

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I’ve done one about vacuum cleaners?

How about the favourite thing we’ve eaten in the last week? Mine was a box of chicken biriyani with masala sauce that I picked up at a festival yesterday. It was so good I almost cried.


maybe I just phrased this wrong, it’s mainly because I’m in the middle of a health anxiety attack maybe would be nice to hear about people getting better or something.

good idea!

I can’t remember what I’ve eaten!

oh I think I had uncle ben’s spicy mexican rice and I chopped some tomatoes in it and some vegetarian sausages and it was really nice. Most complicated meal I’ve ever cooked and was proud of myself

is this now that thread or is someone going to start that one

:woman_shrugging: Either / or, feel free to start it

I’ve got a thread planned about the soft drink of the summer 2018


I don’t normally create new threads, but nearly did with this last week but decided against it.

Lovely and helped cheer me up.

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Having a nice time with this ice coffee:


Probably the baguette and summer rolls from the vietnamese place in friday. Already thinking about going again this Friday.

Actually… maybe masala dosa on Saturday tough choice… but ill go for the vietnamese stuff as was my first lunch there and had the dosa loads of times.

that’s lovely. Seems like she’s still not into it though

I went out to dinner on Friday night and had a ridiculous four course meal. It was all fantastic, but the lamb which just fell off the bone was a real highlight.

thought that was a thermometer in it


I like it when you have something so nice you can’t stop thinking about having it again.