Can we have a philosophical chat about endurance & high intensity, red-zone in exercise?

So I’m doing HIIT classes and I can’t seem to get into the red zone at all! I literally feel like my legs or arms or whatever muscle I’m working will give way, I feel like breath-wise I could probably do a bit more it and that’s why the heart rate monitor is showing say, 85% but muscle wise I just can’t.

Now I’m wondering if I’m just giving up too easily, it kind of reminds me of when I was in labour, I feel like the minute I get a bit uncomfortable I just sort of panic and think ‘ahhrgh oh fuck I can’t do this’ instead of just focusing and going that little bit further. I really haven’t discovered the secret of just gaining composure and holding it together physically. Does anyone have any tips?

I reckon endurance is a skill that you can train and improve at just like anything else. The more you do, the more aware you become of your ability to push through and the transience of the pain. Or at least that’s what distance running was like for me


definitely took me a little time before my legs could outrun my lungs


It might be that your HR is already at the max – are you just using the estimate calc of subtracting yr age from 220 or some other calculation? Also remember what japes said: your cardio health gets fitter before your actual legs or arms do.

I went to a couple of turbo beat classes recently and did intervals and was going into 90%+ of my max HR. I don’t normally wear a HR monitor when out on the road, but I’ve started to now, and it’s really interesting going up hills – I’m now concentrating on my HR rather than “the hill” which means I’m finding it easier because I know I’m way off my max, whereas before using the HR monitor I would have assumed I was struggling, close to my heart bursting and would always want to get off or go slower.

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I’m a bit confused. Is your heart rate going into the ‘red zone’?

How have your zones been determined - through a proper stress test?

it staying at sort of 88% and red is 90 and above but I feel like I can’t go any further

but the class leader was saying stuff like ‘heart-rates don’t lie, you can huff and puff but if you’re not in the red you’ve got more in you!’

Where have those 88% figures come from though?

As @plasticniki says, the formulas governing the different ‘zones’ (220 minus age etc) are just a rule of thumb. To gauge them accurately, you need to have an accurate figure for your resting heart rate (taken just after you wake up naturally), and a maximum heart rate from a stress test.

ah ok, why the fuck is he shouting at me then, doesn’t he know that ffs

It’s his job to get everyone to push as hard as they can innit, that tends to include a lot of cod psychology and pseudoscience

Yeah that sounds a bit dangerous, to be honest.

The stupid thing is - the piscine mind is NOTHING like the human mind. Avoid these people.


Genetically, paedophiles have more genes in common with crabs than they do with you and me

What the fuck are you all talking about.

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basically I don’t know if I actually can’t do anymore or my laziness is so strong that it’s tricking my mind into believing I can’t do anymore

All seems a bit much if you’re not doing the Nike #breaking2 bollocks.

and I don’t mean laziness really, just my inability to focus

192 beats per minute?!?!

holy shit you’ll die, don’t do that!