Can we have a positivity thread?

These were fun before weren’t they?

I’m about to have a nice coffee and a toastie
My sister is coming home today
I have loads of books to read
I get paid weekly so everything isn’t terrible money wise
This hoodie I stole from my friends gf is comfy as (minor drawback about it is everyone thinks i was in the uni ski society)

What’s good fellow DiSers


4 working days away from a week off


I’m really excited about all the house stuff, even the bits that are a ball-ache.
My MH is in good shape again after being a bit wobbly through the whole process.


Bedroom is a pleasant 22 degrees. In the middle of October and no heating on.

I’m going to take the baby to a pumpkin festival in a bit and CANNOT WAIT :jack_o_lantern:


I am insanely jealous

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I’m on holiday for a week. Woo hoo!

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Witches you’ve always got the best avatars. Where do you find them? Is there a special ace avatar place or do you just have very good taste?

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That Frinkiac subtitle has done me


Going to see Blair St Clair and Charli XCX tonight with my friends :slight_smile: I’m going to wear a sequinned dress!!!

Found €150 in a box of foreign currency that I didn’t know I had

Work colleagues are on board with Christmas party plan

My hair is awful and proper greasy but I’m about to have a shower and having a shower when you’re all gross is the best feeling in the world :heart: makes it feel way more special to have nice smelling hair and clean skin


Just bought a new shower, on Wednesday I will be able to have a shower lasting more than 2 minutes again!

Aw, thanks! This coming from you who has Brian Blessed in Flash Gordon as their avatar :blush:

I just use things I like! I’m really loving this owl! It’s from an old American Halloween decoration:

I love them! I always see them on Etsy but blah, they usually cost a bit much.


It’s cool af


I had the best time this week when i saw bts, nobody i know cares about kpop so it was so nice to talk to loads of people who do and honestly i could write an essay on this but ill spare u
Also my friends paid for a big part of my share for our Christmas Disney trip as a birthday present, they surprised me with it yesterday. I was adamant that i wasnt interested in my birthday and told them to ignore it. I have also been a shit friend, my social anxiety and weird work patterns mean i havent seen them all summer despite us living like 15 mins away from each other and tbh i am surprised they still want anything to do with me and idk, it wss just a really nice thing that they did, my heart is full


This is really lovely Jazzbazz, glad to hear it.

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Work is pretty bearable today
Got a nice looking cake for after my lunch with a flake on it
Some guy from a farm vehicle company just slipped me £10 so he could leave a tractor in our car park #devonlife
Me and the partner are going to order pizza and drink fancy gin later, probably while watching some absolute trash on tv.


Got a ridiculously good price on a bike so I can start cycling much sooner than I expected :+1:




They look like soft toys to me. The one on the right is the spitting image of Jess from Postman Pat.

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