Can we have a positivity thread?

How do you feel about indie folk loveliness? The song Galaxies should sell you on her I reckon:

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I’m wearing a brand new tee shirt today, that I bought on my holiday a couple of weeks, so is reminding me of being in the south of France rather than in cold foggy Surrey.

then you should go and see her. Should be a positive experience and therefore appropriate to this thread!

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You should all do some weird synced up shout out between songs on all the nights


Feeling really shit from overwork atm BUT I’m trying to see the positives:

  • I’m overworked because I’m in demand
  • The organisations I’m working for pay really well and are working to make a better world
  • They’re also my ideal clients and I’ve been gagging for more work from them for ages
  • My contact people at the organisations are super nice and have been very understanding
  • Once I’ve finished it all and got paid (mid-Nov) I’m gonna take it easy until Christmas

Good evening positivity thread, I have seen Laura Veirs!


Well that’s just brilliant! :grinning::+1:



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That is amazing!! Did you show her / link her to this thread?

If I see her tonight I’ll ask her


Really pleased to hear this ccb. We’re currently battling the council too…

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I tried to explain about the thread but I probably just came across as a burbling idiot as a) I’d just been blown away by her set and b) I was a bit star-struck actually talking to her IRL.

I may well have said “positivity… the internet with threads… a thing… with sign? You? It’s for being positive and nice.” Actually I doubt I was as coherent as that. She was a very good sport though.


Ah I think they’re refusing most EHCP applications in the first instance. It’s worth going to mediation / appeal though - the council backed down before it got that far.

Feel free to DM me (or if @ColonClsdParenthasis wants to email me that’s fine too) - not sure how much advice I’ve got but am happy to try.

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:heart: - 2 days left of work then off for a week
:heart: - Off for a week cause I’m going to Seville
:heart: - Going to Seville cause i’m turning 30
:heart: - Booked in to teach my first spin classes in 3 weeks


At home this week I have avoided beer and just had one glass of white wine per night and have exercised/meditated every day, I’m feeling more flexible from yoga which is nice



Tidied the kitchen cupboard this morning.

when are you posting the “after” photo :thinking:



humour is positive and fun!

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seriously that does look like a very useful space to have in your home

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