Can we have a positivity thread?


Still got a week to wait until we can bring them home but it was all agreed today.

Going to be a long week (and expensive stocking up).


Well that panned our exactly as I’d hoped. Pumpkin festival, swimming, sushi and now I have a beer and an atd coming round to watch stupid old horror movies. Today has been my favourite day in ages.


Went to a nude spa yesterday


was it good? I’ve only ever been to women-only ones.


Hey, my girlfriend and I are in this video!


I wish I had this day!


why have i never had caramel buttons before


I’ve actually not seen them for a while. I hope they’ve not been discontinued!


If they have been, they can sit alongside the Cadbury’s Spira in the great hall of tragically unrealised futures of confectionery



I brought Spiras up in the office last week and no one knew what they were. Idiots.


Has a limited edition confectionery ever had ‘To be Discontinued’ on it? That would be good and fun.


Could murder a Fuse right now.


Alright, short circuit


Gonna get my pump on then go to Gatsby live :)))




The greatest :((((


Unfortunately a dissection of my evening doesn’t belong in the positivity thread :grimacing: saw Tatianna though


This morning I babysat a friend’s kid for the first time and took him through one of those robotic car washes that pull the card forward and have neon lights inside etc. Not as a fun activity just needed to be washed. His experience of it was akin to how I think I’d feel going into space, absolutely mindblown. Couldn’t help but think to myself ‘yeah this is actually FUCKING COOL’ when usually I’d probably just sit there feeling tired or looking at my phone. then we bought cookies and watched Big Hero 6. seeing things through the perspective of kids is great


Made it to the gym after a week of a hellcold


oh no :scream: