Can we have a rolling Neville Southall thread


I love the man so much


Neville getting a lot of love on Twitter today



The best thing about Nev is he’s trying to learn. He’s nearly sixty, from a thoroughly working class background and has spent his life working in toxic male environments, but he wants to be taught about stuff. That’s a fucking brilliant example, imho. People are never too old or long in the tooth or defined by their surroundings or upbringings or too past being able to want to choose to spread love over hate.


He’s a fucking great guy and has been for a long time. Think I’ve said it before on here but he used to bring a minibus load of disadvantaged kids bowling once a week at the alley I used to work at and showed an unbelievable level of patience and understanding with them. Top, top bloke.


his timeless put-down of Michael Owen feels more poignant knowing what an absolute diamond he is.


Good to see old favourite Ohgood using it to wonderful meme effect on as well:


has the best autobiography title of all time too


Top bloke. Anyone who wants to openly discuss issues that affect minority groups and the disadvantaged in society gets my respect. Plus he hates Piers Morgan.