Can we have a thread about unintentional humour?

Kind of like the ‘I like cows’ thing

Not so long ago, a few of us were discussing rhymes from our childhood (mainly how strange they were). Someone asked “can anybody remember 'if you stand on a crack…”

I jumped straight in there with “Yeah yeah…if you stand on a crack, you’ll marry a rat and beetles will come to your wedding”

I was so sure of it too, but apparently this isn’t the commonly sung version.

One time in a very dull afternoon seminar at university I was half-asleep and hadn’t spoken in a very long time, when I realised the tutor was calling on me to answer a question. When I perked up and made eye-contact, he repeated himself - “What would you say is the main theme of this poem?”

To which I answered, with zero control of my voice, so it came out as a cracked, sinister whisper - “DEATH”.


me and my mate were in tescos a few months ago loading up on cans, and the person at the till asked whether my m9 would like a bag. to which he accidentally replied ‘NAH’ in a really growly aggressive voice - prompting half the shop to turn around in shock.


“I like cows” still makes me cry with laughter @anon5266188 :sweat_smile:

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That’s good because it still makes me cringe on an excruciating, visceral, physical level


Despite this could you please repeat this reference

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Then I do apologise, this is new DiS after all and I’d deeply detest to make light of your trauma from my position of privilege like we all have done in the past. I do hope you forgive that I found it amusing. I’m sorry. I am an awful man and now eagerly await a full dressing-down. xx


I don’t really understand why you’re embarrassed by that, it’s fine to like cows.



Ugh, did you have to post this? Firstly, I did create this thread in light of the fact that DiS has been a bit uncomfortable over the past few days…yet within a few posts you’ve brought it all back. Then with your post you’ve trivialised actual trauma by making light of it…which is the kind of thing that makes people who actually experience it feel like they won’t be supported.

Do give your best to my mum


quite often I accidentally make puns and then pretend they were deliberate when someone laughs

the youngest (4) came home from school last week and when asked what he had for school dinners replied ‘chicken and spicy lumps’

turns out they were potato wedges but oh how we laughed :slight_smile:

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‘Answers are touch move your fucking shits’

About as good as a one letter typo could ever hope to be

very confused by this thread

In the office Tim and Carly (who sit next to each other) both do a bit of musical theatre. In a quiet moment, Tim asked Carly if she had ever ‘done Chicago’. John piped up that ‘Carly Does Chicago’ would make a good film.
We all laughed.