Can we replace ♥️ with ^this ?

Now that we’re self hosted… Is this possible?

I see we can change it to a :+1: so maybe we can change it to anything?



Looks like you can have multiple reactions

Wouldn’t want loads but a distinction between liking and agreeing with a post might be useful? Definitely wouldn’t want a straight replacement as you’d end up with “:D” posts under good posts again.


Automatic cry/laugh emoji for every post

Wonder if @discobot could get a sadbot friend that adds one at random?

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Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

On the other hand, simpler is usually better

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Does this sound like a job for @zeal ? :angel:

Who in particular?

I did see this a while back when skimming plugins and wonder about it. Happy to add if there’s a consensus it’s a good idea and what the allowed reactions should be - the risk is that while multiple reactions can allow for you to have a little more nuance in terms of which you choose, it also adds more risk of misunderstanding, but that’s probably something we can manage.

In terms of replacing like with “^ this” , it’s theoretically doable with a theme component, but I’d be a bit reluctant because it’d change the meaning of all the previous likes. Potentially a :point_up: could serve as a “^this” if it’s something that’s wanted?

I’ll install the plugin with the next upgrade over the weekend and leave it disabled initially then we can talk about it along with Twitter once that’s done?


Thumbs down one as well to destroy the vibe

discobot is a sadbot

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:crystal_ball: Cannot predict now

I would like my go to multi-purpose emoji :beers: included please.

I’d rather not:

  • a heart is a little more multi-purpose - could mean agreement, solidarity or genuine love for something.
  • hearts already have the propensity to be interpreted as pile-ons when things are getting heated - "^this"es would be even worse
  • we’re nearly seven years into “new” DiS. Why would we want to bring back an old reference to an old board that holds unpleasant memories for a lot of people?

This is a salient point that I hadn’t considered.

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we should get rid of reacts entirely

Think the heart on its own is fine I reckon imo I reckon