Can we talk about BANKS

This is not a manics joke thread.

Any fans of BANKS? Rarely see her name about but this album from 2019 is still on heavy rotation.

Yes, please!

I think she’s incredible on record. Wasn’t as wowed live at Roundhouse a few years ago but perhaps because I was in a weird mood and want her music to be as loud as MBV.

Love how her music has a soft intimacy and a slap you around the head intensity of someone like HEALTH.

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Big fan of Waiting Game, not sure much else left an impression on me but haven’t listened a lot to be fair.

The wall of distorted pulsing bass that kicks in around 1:06 is immense.

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Has that lykke li thing going on too which I’m a sucker for

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If it’s the distorted bass that’s doing it for you then you’re gonna love the album I posted

Just coming back to talk more about Banks as no one ever does.

New album is fantastic again