Can we talk about Florida, please

Who’s been? Any good?

I’m looking for advice for the best areas to stay that are relatively close (driving distance) to the theme parks and golf courses. Also, what areas should I avoid?

Give me your thoughts and ideas, Team trip aDvISor.

Went to Kissimmee once. That’s a funny name, isn’t it.



stayed in miami for a bit. was ok.

miami beach (seperate municipality) I didn’t like much though but it was ok for a day visit or two.

thought this was going to be a hurricane thread


Nope, I’ve banned hurricanes when I go there.

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wasn’t that where @loribeers was from?

It’s pretty awful as a whole.

Walt Disney World is obviously amazing and you should go there, but just stay on site. Orlando is a dump, anywhere in central / south is really, unless you want to try out Miami. Tampa is meant to have some hip parts, and northern Florida just becomes the deep south and I’ve heard pretty bad things.

Also it’s about to be blasted by a major fucking hurricane, so currently getting lots of slightly worried chatter from the in-laws who live there.


That’s my take too I’m afraid.

The Keys seem nice but I only got as far as the one after Key Largo.


They’ve got fucking crocodiles or alligators or whatever, I’d stay well away.


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This is what I feared.
I’m really going for the golf, then maybe hit a theme park every second or third day.

I’ve not booked anything yet, but there’s some pretty great flight deals online for Nov/Dec.

Keys were overrated in my imho
Miami was, well, a big US city with a beach.
Stayed in West Palm Beach which was OK; Bognor with palm trees.
Can’t understand why anyone would choose to go to Disneyworld/theme parks etc for a fortnight. I realise that some people’s idea of Heaven is riding rollercoasters and eating burger and chips (sorry, fries) everyday, but… really? Everything you look at is fake, including the people.

do want to go on one of these though

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Yeah, the Everglades / Keys are probably worth a visit, but not if you’re interested in glolfing. Most of inhabited Florida is just the worst of American urban planning though, endless multilane highways lined by dreary fast food places and pharmacies. No actual towns with identities. And it’s 40 degrees with insane humidity.

again - you can’t bum a bear Ben.

Bognor with palm trees.