Can we talk about Florida, please

Disney is magical you fucking scumbag.

(My father in law lives in West Palm Beach).


The TV ads are just laughable. Could be worse though - at least it isn’t in Paris- oh wait…

It’s 40 degrees with insane humidity if you go at that time of year. January through to April is fine.

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We went on one of those at Lone Cabbage Fish Camp - it’s driveable from the Orlando area.

The thing is that there are so many theme parks on the Disney & Universal sites that just seeing all of those can quite easily take 2 weeks.

You’re right about the food though. It’s grim.

I’ve just been in a lift with a couple of colleagues discussing how surprising it was that one of them had bumped into another one of their colleagues at Disneything.

The answer is it’s not remotely surprising. Since they’re IT people they all podded at the same time, they all go on holiday at the same time, and they all go to Disney at the same time.

Did people come out of Tom Petty’s house shouting “Don’t come around here no more”?


will never forgive him for butchering “You Spin Me Round” tbh

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Can’t think of anywhere I’d like to go to less, apart from maybe dubai. Cheers!


Might not be much left of parts by this time next week. That hurricane is terrifying

Best part of Police Academy 5: Assignment Miami Beach

Yeah my father in law is meant to be flying up to Boston on Friday so fingers crossed that’s still happening. Sounds like local shops have all been gutted of supplies. My wife’s grandma will still be there though, at her partner’s house which apparently has its own generator. They’re just hoping for the best.

I have a friend from Georgia who believes wholeheartedly that Florida is the worst state, and he’s been to most of the bad ones. There are probably some nice bits but if you’re going all that way you can probably do better.



No I just went in my own.



Going to be submerged by tomorrow isn’t it?