Can we talk about how good The Man by the Killers is pls

Fucking BANGS doesn’t it. That chorus is well Bee Gees. I love it, and I haven’t loved anything by the Killers since the first half of their first album


It’s not a popular opinion, but it’s the right opinion!

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Yeah, it’s cheesy as anything, but fucking hell it’s a really good song. Fair play to them. Assumed it was Muse returning to being funny when I first heard it.


Might listen to this on the way to work today, get my mindset right.

Oh come on, now. Muse have always been funny.

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Not heard it, but have a soft spot for The Killers. Always thought The World That We Live In is a total banger.

Let’s give this a spin…

Aye, like that.

On a Killers splurge now.


Not heard any of their new stuff… until now

This is a tune


It’s far.far better then anything since Sam’s Town at least. Still not really digging it. It’s this post disco throwback that has been in fashion for 5 years now. I’m bored of it. This is ok. I wouldn’t turn it off if it was on the radio.

Sam’s Town is fucking amazing

It’s got some TUNES for sure!

I also think this song is good. Agree with above statements about Sam’s Town.

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The Man is a great tune. I really liked this one they did with M83…

sorry this isnt the general Killers thread coz their other new songs are still quite bad, this is just the thread for talking about The Man specifically. thanks for understanding x

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Sounds like The Chain by Fleetwood Mac (without the great outro)


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m9 it bangs

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Had it in my head loads today, top tune. Awesome bass sound on it too.

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