Can we talk about Louis Theroux?

Got some new docs coming out before the end of the year apparently.

Do you like Louis? I like him very much.

Weird Weekends is probably my favourite series, and I’ve found his more recent docs rather bleak, although interesting.

Let’s go Theroux it all below.

Love him but can’t stand that he’s become a bit of a meme and is on all those t-shirts exclusively worn by people with no personality.


I am madly in love with Louis Theroux


One of our very finest contemporary programme makers. Perhaps the finest.

Not sure I’ve seen these?

Cant really be arsed with him


This stuff:

Prefer his earlier stuff, was better suited to his style when he blended in with unusual people, and he did tackle serious things then too like the white supremacists. Now he still makes interesting programmes but they are very conventional

or this?

one he did in US prisons was good/scary


Stacey Dooley for old people.


Yeah I didn’t like the ones he did with famous people so much because his act doesn’t work. His whole thing is based on Louis As faux-naive-English-gentleman which was a stroke of genius for Weird Weekends and that, but doesn’t really wash in circumstances. Like when he was with the Hamiltons and he’d be like “well I don’t know much about politics but…” yeah, we can see through that pal.

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That bit on Adam Buxton’s podcast when he sings Yes Sir I can Boogie is very funny.


Ticks off DiS Bingo card



i like him but do wonder if his schtick is getting a bit played out. the scientology thing was okay but nothing amazing.

Yeah he’s good. Loved the Weird Weekend series, especially the militias one and the rasslin’ one, and the swingers one is just tragic comedy gold.
The later ones on the gun crime in Philadelphia and that weird paedophile institution that was kind of prison but not quite were fantastic.



yeah, I find him quite annoying

Yeah I’ve not seen the Scientology film but not heard great things. I think an hour or so of him is plenty.