Can we talk about Louis Theroux?

I’m going to pitch a thread to you Jordan

‘The Provisional MRA’
it’s men’s rights activists but they wear camouflage and balaclavas.


But she’s probably much better at the dancing

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was gonna do a really mean CAMRA one suggesting theyre full of the same people anyway but I’ve decided not to on account of all the ale pals on the board.



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still call him louis thorax


Not sure I’m feeding into anything here…but on the old forum didn’t there use to be blanket IP bans?

‘people are gonna people’ pretty much sums it up, and in an interview he gave prior to the new series he stated that sentiment. I don’t have the interview at hand but it was along the lines that both monogamy and polyamory are equally imperfect and how people engage with those relationship models is no reflection on either monogamy or polyamory but instead on the people that inhabit those relationships. Some people may think that he asks leading questions in his documentaries but it would be a bit beige otherwise, like watching a David Frost interview.

he is so not rainbow rhythms


Sorry for all the cunts folks. Lost my famous cool for a moment.

You’ve got previous form pal.


Imagine you thinking about imagining about him though :wink:




I hope there’s some joy in his life somewhere m9.

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Tbf I don’t think any of us are capable of truly exploring the poverty of Louis Theroux’s mind

Thanks, it was a weird experience


I think to have made a straight-faced documentary on polyamorous living would have been very dry. Hell, there’s enough of them on the internet if you want to seek them out or you can talk to my best friend who thinks it’s the best thing she’s ever done. I personally felt that, on a subject that can be awkward, his awkwardness and questions that many people would like to ask themselves, was a preferable way of tackling the subject. But then I’m bias. I loved his Weird Weekends and Sunday’s episode was very reminiscent of that.

It has been done. Back in February there was a documentary aired called ‘Love Unlimited: Polyamory in Scotland’. It’s no longer on the iPlayer but I’m sure you can seek it out if you’re interest.

And there’s loads of stuff on YouTube.

I don’t find them interesting. Louis’s approach is just a different take on it.

Is perfectly enjoyable stuff. One of the best longterm bits of programming the BBC has had,which granted, is a very low bar

Likewise with ‘Love Unlimited: Polyamory in Scotland’.

Everyone’s got their own subjective take on things. Whatever.

Just watching now. Jerry seems so utterly depressed and broken.