Can we talk about Louis Theroux?


Moderately enjoyable hour of television


I wonder if a lot of people just aren’t capable of keeping up with changing expectations and norms past their 20s/30s.


My girlfriend is hate-watching the polyamory one in the other room, I’d prefer not. The bits that I did catch made me realise that the reason he goes to America so much is that they think he’s being all quirky and British, and take a while to realise that he’s just being a patronising toad. It’s especially obvious when he’s doing a bit on something you’re vaguely involved in.


Nailed it about buxton


tbf I think his early work was enjoyable because he did have a certain open-hearted curiousity and non-judgmental tone. thinking particularly about the swingers episode and the brothel episode where he develops quite caring relationships with the subjects. this is also what let Saville get away with so much in plain sight, and why when he was genuinely disgusted by his subjects (thai bride guy, white nationalists, south africa), it resonated more.

maybe too much exposure to brutally grim subjects has made him a bit more of a cynic. or like @Bamnan said maybe it’s just hard to maintain that wide-eyed purity into your later years


“Farage seems to be more in the wings, more in the margins”


In the past week alone, he’s had an hour of oxygen on a prime time Channel 4 debate thingy.



i have a friend who idolises buxton and rips on Cohen as being a hack.

And I get that Buxton is much more than doing a ‘pavel’ but…what’s the difference?