Can we talk about Louis Theroux?


Moderately enjoyable hour of television


I wonder if a lot of people just aren’t capable of keeping up with changing expectations and norms past their 20s/30s.


My girlfriend is hate-watching the polyamory one in the other room, I’d prefer not. The bits that I did catch made me realise that the reason he goes to America so much is that they think he’s being all quirky and British, and take a while to realise that he’s just being a patronising toad. It’s especially obvious when he’s doing a bit on something you’re vaguely involved in.


Nailed it about buxton


tbf I think his early work was enjoyable because he did have a certain open-hearted curiousity and non-judgmental tone. thinking particularly about the swingers episode and the brothel episode where he develops quite caring relationships with the subjects. this is also what let Saville get away with so much in plain sight, and why when he was genuinely disgusted by his subjects (thai bride guy, white nationalists, south africa), it resonated more.

maybe too much exposure to brutally grim subjects has made him a bit more of a cynic. or like @Bamnan said maybe it’s just hard to maintain that wide-eyed purity into your later years


“Farage seems to be more in the wings, more in the margins”


In the past week alone, he’s had an hour of oxygen on a prime time Channel 4 debate thingy.



i have a friend who idolises buxton and rips on Cohen as being a hack.

And I get that Buxton is much more than doing a ‘pavel’ but…what’s the difference?


Tough going last night


That famous saying ‘ghoulish is in the eye of the beholder’.


Still kind of depressed about it tbh.

But i’d listened to the Criminal podcast about the Final Exit network so wasn’t shocked by that.


Just watched it, that was a cheery lunch hour. I wasn’t sure about the ethics of showing Gus after he had died but presumably it was OK’d by the family to do so.


He’d probably ok’d it. Seemed like his participation was coming from a good place of encouraging people to be aware of their options.


Gus got about as good an exit as you could wish for I think. Him surrounded by family and loved ones was a really sad contrast with Debra.


I was wondering, do you think he could have had a little drink with the solution or do you think that would fuck you up/make you sick? Cause he kept saying about the Donny P.

when the dr was saying he might need more of a dose, i was getting quite scared. That would be so awful

Debra’s story was so sad but she seemed like she genuinely had enough and was happy to move into death. But I can’t help but feel that wouldn’t be a pleasant, peaceful way to go and would actually be a very scary way…


Did it take 7 hours to die after he took his dose? Was terrifying when the doctor said he might come back round and be compos mentis in a couple of days. Can’t imagine him and the family having to go through that a second time if that was still his wish.


I think I’d have a panic attack if I watched this episode.


Yeah, seven and a half. I think they said at the start that it could take up to 24. Agree that if the drugs had failed it would have been awful.


Yeah anywhere between half an hour and 24 hours right? Surely that needs looking into in the states where this end of life cocktail has been made legal.


Yeah. Obviously they touched on it in the programme, but it’s hard to see someone so confident and intelligent take that decision, on the basis of what’s to come. It’s easier to understand when someone has a clearly advanced illness.

Also, the fact that her husband had died 5 months (I think) before was obviously a major factor. She’s the only one who knows how she feels though. Really sad.

Edit: when I say “intelligent”, it’s not to say that intelligent people wouldn’t do this, but more that she seemed so capable.


I’m not sure it is. She obviously had a lot of factors in her life that were making her unhappy and that she felt scared for the future because of memory loss. I suppose it’s got to be quite hard because it’s one of those things where it can be too late to do it (like the other guy was concerned about nausea meaning he may throw up the solution therefore it’ll be too late for him to end his life the way he wanted).

I’m not really sure there should be a right and wrong reason for ending your life in any circumstance tbh