Can we talk about Louis Theroux?

came here to say I usually like his stuff. This though brought nothing new to the table and was a bit shit really.

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I thought the film was alright. Rests quite heavily on getting an actual ‘Big Interview’ with a senior Scientology leader, and ultimately ends up with some sort of lame reenactment of what is alleged to have happened. The stuff with the Scientologists following him round is pretty cool / creepy though.

Yes I do
But Weird Weekends is peak Louis by a long way

Honestly, I do not mind those T-Shirts at all. Because showing appreciation of Louis is fine, people irked by this are irked too easily. Stop getting irked


Yeah kinda sounds like Bowling for Columbine which was fantastic but was always building to a show-stopper of an interview with a dementia-ravaged Charlton Heston which was a colossal waste of everyone’s time. Shame.

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Top 3 favourite ‘Weird Weekend’ episodes pls

  • Born Again Christians
  • UFOs
  • Porn
  • Survivalists
  • Weird Christmas
  • Infomercials
  • Swingers
  • Demolition Derby
  • Off-Off Broadway
  • Wrestling
  • Self-Fulfilment
  • Indian Gurus
  • Body Building
  • Looking for Love
  • Gangsta Rap

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i could see what he was going for, attempting to put a more human face on it and not doing the whole SHOCKING REVELATIONS which everyone already knows about. i thought it was ok, just nowt really special.


I love that episode.


Really enjoyed Scientology Movie as a good laugh/creepy stalker bits, but it didn’t bring anything new to the table. That said I don’t even think Going Clear was a huge improvement on John Sweeney, which has the best 47 seconds of television ever broadcast:


Actually his recent on in Britain on alcoholism was great too


It was so funny in parts. I like it when he arrives to help build a house and the guys that greet him are stoic, stony-faced rednecks that don’t really want to be interviewed by a scrawny Englishman

Just remembered the Michael Jackson one, where he doesn’t even get close to meeting him.


I often wonder if Gary and Margaret are still swinging.

I think they are?



I enjoy his shows as a gate way into something I know nothing about

Not seen the film, but again, this was done by Panorama years ago.

definitely shouldn’t have clicked on this at work


I’m pretty pro Louis - the alcoholism one recently was very goof

so, so creepy and horrible.

Haha… sorry!! I didn’t think about that :grimacing:

There’s nothing dodgy on the actual site!! I didn’t really delve too deeply tho. They have a lovely garden.

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That bloke makes my skin crawl. Looks like my mates dad as well (unrelated)

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