Can we talk about rackets?

Insurance, what a fucking racket eh? Trying to do a music video shoot and have had to basically get insurance three times to appease all the various people who need their own special insurance. PR? Total racket. Don’t even get me started on chiropracty!!!111

Had any brushes with any rackets lately?

possible joke replies: tennis racket, racket also means to make a lot of noise

tennis racket, racket also means to make a lot of noise


Only one place nearby I could get mine restrung and he charged me £20. What a racket!

Piss takes: Clairvoyants

Sports: Yonex still make the best ones

Noises: Why is everyone getting so excited about a thunderstorm, like they’ve never seen one before?

They opened a babolat factory nextdoor and their machines really make a racket!

those little tiny fragrance balls you apparently now need to add AFTER fabric softener


holistic nutritionists

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french cheese you melt

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Car ownership.


Harsh, but fair


And their rackets are a rip-off!
3 out of 3

Boat cleaner. We stock at least 20 different things, ‘hull cleaner’, ‘vinyl polish’, ‘bird stain remover’, loads. Retail at an average of about £15 a pop. Do you know what professional boatbuilders and cleaners use? Fairy liquid.

i’m excited to start looking into the mortgage racket next year

Think it’s more people getting excited about some sweet cooling rain given that it’s fifty million degrees outside.

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the cheese gag is good and i stand by it

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Didn’t even get any here :neutral_face:

I was annoyed because it took me ages to get to sleep then the bastard storm woke me back up. Irked

i rate it

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Duck insurance doesnt even cover me if I end up going quackers

The mortgage is only part of a much wider racket littered with surprise £500 fees for solicitors and surveyors and other assorted chancers.