Can we talk about robots?


I don’t mean fictional ones - I mean the real ones that are going to rule us in a few years time

Here’s Erica

Here’s Atlas

any thoughts?
Weird how robots are so gendered right?


Can I shock you?

I LOVE robots.

They’re my second favourite thing, after ghosts.


I will be first against the wall, come the revolution.



have you met Handle?


Robots don’t exist


Squarepusher made an album played by robots a few years back. Not his best work, but pretty cool concept.




yeah, interesting visual concept but not much of a leap forward form an old fashioned pianola really

uncanny valley though


yeah, the robot fails are all well and good but Bladerunner/skynet territory is really not that far away lads






I have now!

His movements synchronised astoundingly with the Justice song I’m currently listening to.


Bioroids - robot hemorrhoids?


I don’t think they have anuses.

This one definitely does, though:


I still think automation is a potentially more damaging proposition humanoid robots seem like an interesting curiosity but, at least in recent years, still don’t seem to be on the brink of large scale replacement of manual labour the same way robots in other fields are.


This absolutely does me every single time


@DarwinBabe already made a thread about robot children.

don’t know if it got onto robots with regards to gender, though. DB, if people have robot kids, what about gender and that?