Can we talk about the best production jobs of the decade?

  • Using production pretty loosely here, meant to include: producing, mixing, mastering, sound engineering, etc
    Looking for mostly full albums but individual tracks are welcome
  • You can just name a producer as well but leave a few examples of records, artists or songs they produced
  • Not necessarily looking for great sounding production only, could also be ugly production that fits/complements the music perfectly
  • No genre limitations
  • Please give some kind of description of why you like it, the more chat the better
  • I wrote some code that will auto thread-ban anyone that posts a Kanye album
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This is a subject I have no expertise in whatsoever, but I feel like I should mention Burst Apart by The Antlers because I vividly remember hearing those opening notes of I Don’t Want Love one night at the end of 2012 and thinking, “This is the best sounding thing I’ve ever heard.” I don’t know the right words for it, but it sounds so clear and envelopes you and draws you into the album’s world.

Also I want to specifically highlight Corsicana. Something about the production takes an already sad song and amplifies it to the point where it feels like it’s going right for your brain chemistry from the first note. It sounds like it’s being recorded through a rainy window, if that makes sense. I can’t imagine the song without it.

Such a great album.


your man Colin Stetson - New History Warfare vol.2

just the range of textures and musical functions that they got from a single take of a man playing a massive big saxophone is so cool. how do you even write it? did he know what the percussion would sound like before he recorded it? how much of the writing must have been in the mixing?



The Horrors just generally but this track in particular. In a career of left-turns and sudden switches in direction often mid-album, sometimes mid-song i was still surprised by the gorgeous, yearning atmosphere of this smoky, late-night, Weimar-cabaret-by-way-of-70s-Sondheim self-produced showstopper.

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Errm does this apply just to Kanye albums or to all albums where he’s the producer? Cos the production on pusha t - daytona is sweet.

If this comment leads to my banning then I’ll come back as a lurker ghost and haunt you all.

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Was mostly joking. Kanye is a good producer but his records sound like crap. Poor mastering. Also kinda hoping we can dig a little deeper than the most prominent rap personality/producer of the last 15 years. My code seems to have allowed Daytona so you’re in.

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Very nice. The kick drum sound pulled me in instantly

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Yeh this is a go to for me as well. Pretty singular sound he’s created

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Ah, I’ll maybe not bother with my “dude, incredible” nomination then!

Bother! Haven’t listened to shellac before despite liking a fair share of albini produced projects. Listening now this sounds like an albini project. I’m into it.

I’ll start a playlist when I wake up tomorrow. I’ll listen to all nominees as well.

My nomination. Love it.


This record def has a sound that works. Lots going on in that first track

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Mmmmmmm those drums. Good drum sound is all I need really

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Really enjoyed the production of the last Solange album. It’s Low’s Double Negative for me though Clive


Corsicana would be one of my Desert Island Discs, I reckon.

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The antlers have great sound design. It’s amazing how accurately they got the ambient hospital sounds on Hospice


I’ve long been a bit skeptical of PC Music and their abrasive, glitchy laptop-core production but what made it all click for me was the original version of Blame It On Your Love from Charli xcx’s Pop 2, just the melodrama of it all and the way it builds and builds with the perfect balance of chin-strokey production techniques and conventional pop production, just nuts, I love it.


Time & Space by Turnstile. I don’t know much about Will Yip who produced it, but I think it sounds fantastic, so chunky and thick sounding, but vibrant and bursting with energy, it’s like you can hear the guitars running at you. Think Generator best exemplifies my feelings about it, that opening riff. :heart:

Also, the Diplo produced track (I know nothing about him) but that sounds great too.

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Love Turnstile. Real Thing is a common request from my kids so they can see me headbang in the car. Yip has some other things i need to check out based on
me liking a handful of the projects on here

Controversial choice?