Can we talk...MARILYN MANSON?

My rents are moving to smaller digs this week, so I went round to help pops clear out the attic. Anyway, I found MECHANICAL ANIMALS, which I had completely forgotten I owned back then. I brought it home and I’ve been listening to it the last couple of days for nostalgia’s sake and…it’s fucking AWESOME. The sleaze, the glam, the sexuality, the TUNES. Pretty futuristic, too. So naturally I’ve revisited Holywood and Antichrist Superstar, etc. Been watching some of the videos from around that time and I’m blown away again by how stylish and striking they are. Probably the last true rock star, IMHO. That kind of rock and roll that’s made by and speaks to/for the freaks - i.e., what the whole thing was supposed to be about anyway.

I recall they/he divebombed traumatically around 2002, but by then I was onto other stuff, brainwashed by the NME, and wouldn’t regain my senses until 2004/05(ish).

Anyway, any past/present Manson fans? I’ve heard the latest record is a return to form, apparently stripped down and blues infused. I can imagine him moving more in a basic direction. I’m thinking Tom Waits with a synthesiser and some heroin. Probably?


Oh and I remember all the rumours that used to go around about him at school, like apparently did you know that his voice makes five tones at the same time and on a sound wave machine they would look like a PENTAGRAM?!!?1!


If I’m allowed to reply, I was always very fond of Mechanical Animals.

I saw him live in the mid-late 90s and I was fully prepared to hate him – he was outstanding!

He’s been shit since and devalued his currency but…

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I never saw him live but I’ve heard many times he was amazing in his time.

You know what’s weird is how much Lady Gaga I see in their Mechanical Animals-era aesthetic.

here’s his cover feature from the new issue of dazed & confused Marilyn Manson: all-American nightmare | Dazed

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Never really been a fan, but I love Rock Is Dead (thanks Matrix soundtrack)

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Love the whole Mechanical Animals era. Why didn’t rock end with him? I’m going to pretend it did from now on.

Funnily enough I watched that video from the MTV awards last night as well, after reading the Dazed and Confused article linked above

Interestingly he said Antichrist Superstar is going to be reissued on Oct 20th with unseen video footage. Would love to see the full ‘Dead to the World’ video released on Blu-Ray. Also, the ‘God is the TV’ VHS he put out after the Mechanical Animals tour would be well worth a re-release. It’s great fun

Love the ‘trilogy’ albums and also enjoyed the latest album an awful lot, after 15 years of having no interest in the rubbish he was putting out

Saw him twice back in the day. Once rubbish, once great. Having seen recent live footage, I probably wouldn’t bother again

Was listening to Antichrist Superstar on Saturday; it’s a cracking album; as is Mechanical Animals. I remember him playing before Eminem at Reading 2001 and completely blowing him off stage, with all sorts of stage props and things. I’d love to see him again, but have never manged to.

Portrait is really good. Antichrist is great. Mechanical animals is decent but patchy. Let’s never speak of any of his later records.


Absolutely love Antichrist Superstar and Holy Wood.
AS is just so wonderfully over-the-top aggressive while being musically really interesting.
HW is a triumph for me, although I think it splits the fanbase somewhat? It’s much more melodic while still being deliciously heavy. Target Audience is the pinnacle of his work in my book. Snarling and oddly tuneful. And Valentine’s Day - those lyrics :') / :open_mouth:
Not spent enough time with Mechanical Animals for whatever reason - will give it a spin today.
Agree with some of the comments above on the sexuality - he has that same quality Trent Reznor does where there’s just something pulsing and dangerous (christ, sound like a 6th form journalist here…) about so much of their music and delivery.

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holywood is properly terrible, shark-jumping stuff

he is and always was bloody awful/they are and always were bloody awful if you mean M the band

lol The Blood Brothers

Bless you :joy:

Nothing wrong with the occasional bit of shark-jumping. It’s a grandiose, middle-america-baiting work of genius IMO.

Do you love your guns?
Well kill a man
Fuck you!

It’s ludicrous but brilliant.

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I really like the new album, far better than I expected it to be.

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enjoy Marilyn Manson in 2016!

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erm… government? :wink:

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Who even thinks this way anymore?