Can you a 'read' an Audiobook


The other day mate was talking about a book he’d read and it transpired that he’d listened to the audiobook! Does this count? I don’t think so.

Also are there some books that should never be listened to? I’ve listened to GoT books 3-5 cos I couldn’t be arsed reading them any more, which i reckon is fine because its just a silly story - but a colleague at work also mentioned the other day that he’d finally ‘read’ Slaughterhouse 5 (listened to it in the car) and I just cant imagine how Kurt Vonnegut would work being read to you - it seems such a pointless way to ruin the experience of such a great book.


as long as it’s unabridged i think it’s fine, the words have still gone into your brain. not my preference personally but no beef with it either. i think there are instances where hearing it in the author’s voice can be beneficial - love listening to william burroughs readings.

also i saw on amazon the other day that one some books when you buy the kindle version you can also get the audio version and the text syncs up with it. yo dawg, we heard you like books, etc. i don’t get why someone would do that.


also not sure ‘game of thrones’ really counts as ‘reading’


I’m really snobby about audiobooks. Absolutely no reason for it and definitely #problematic, but I’m a cunt so there we go.




I’m going to go out on a limb and say…




This feels quite simple to me.

You can listen to an audiobook and read a written book.


I too am snobby about audio books.

The only one(s) I can justify is the Alan Partridge one(s).


Yeh, that’s basically what i was saying.


i mean, this makes sense for children learning to read, but can’t really see any reason for it if you’re reading Slaughterhouse 5 or whatever


I’ve tried listening to audiobooks but they just don’t hold my attention.

Same is true of reading nowadays, but it’s easier to go back to the start of the page than rewind or whatever.


think some work pretty well

my friend used to have Fear an Loathing in Las Vegas read by Harry Dean Stanton. That was pretty decent


Eh? it’s if you’ve got an Audible account. The idea is that I’m sitting down reading my book and then I have to go out to the shops or maybe I’m a person who drives to work, so I just switch to the Audible version and it picks up where I left off and I keep up with the story I’m engrossed in.

When I stop again I go back to reading the Kindle book because most people read quicker than the audio book does.

It’s a pretty neat system but obviously it costs more and personally I listen to podcasts if I’m not able to read.


My word. You mix text with audio? You’ve gone too far this time, theo.


In all honesty I think your post is fucking idiotic :smiley:

Unabridged audio books are great and it doesn’t really matter how highbrow the book is, although I’m not sure why you think Slaughterhouse V is some kind of apex of literary genius that ASOIAF isn’t. They’re both enjoyable, quick writing.

I used to listen to these all the fucking time as a kid. Meant I could digest books while playing computer games (this was the 80s so we’re not talking the full-3D type stuff you get now) or doing drawings and stuff.



Not me. I don’t do Audible because it’s bullshit: I like the idea of audio books still but you should just get the MP3s downloaded just like if I buy an album. None of this locked in the app crap.


I got a free audiobook trial thing the other day and downloaded a book about Hulk Hogan, by Hulk Hogan and narrated by Hulk Hogan.
Haven’t listened to it.


never listened to an audio book before. not against them, just never bothered.