Can you account for your whereabouts on July 21st 2018 at 3pm?

Never know how people can do this in films, TV, books and life.

Well can you?

Was in work, probably at my desk.

I was at work at my desk. You should have set this thread at a different time of day

No, but I can for the 24th

Everyone’s a critic. Happy now?

We go again.

my outlook has me blocked out as Busy for the whole day. Busy murdering someone!! hahaah
Top tip - I block out pretty much every day as ‘busy’ in my calendar adn then people are like “oh, I wanted to book a meeting but your calendar says you are busy?” and I say “oh yes I am but I can find some time maybe” hahaha

Last year’s wall calendar has been binned so I have no idea at all.

The episode of Serial why they discuss how difficult it is to remember things like this is interesting

Serial was big when I still claimed that podcasts were shit.


Oh yeah, good idea.

I believe that I was playing Table Tennis in Whittington Park

yes, I’d just seen Little cub on the main stage at Bluedot and was grabiing a whisky at a bar to the right of the stage, before I went to to see Re-TROS, who were great, btw

I sent an email to a US colleague at 13.38 on 17th July 2018, which strongly suggests I was at my desk in work. I could get the admins to run a report to see if I filed anything at the European Patent Office or the UK Intellectual Property Office at any point after that on the same day, which would confirm that I was in work as they log the IP address of the submitter.

@anon5266188 @jordan_229

You guys both work a Saturday, yeah? A desk job… on a Saturday?



He changed the date! You gotta believe me!

It was two days after I saw my neighbour’s cock!

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I’ll have to ask my tv. He does most of my remembering of my whereabouts for me.

Is there a way to search your own post history on here by date? That’d probably give me the answer.

You better hope he’s not the one that was murdered!

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Got stopped by the police once because I fit the description of an assailant in a serious assault case. I couldn’t account for my whereabouts at the time because I’d moved into my student house a week before everyone else and was just sitting around in my pants playing Rome: Total War all week.

Luckily for me the assailant was wearing checked chef trousers at the time and I am not a chef. Pretty poor assault planning by that man.

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