can you apply a percentage to a range? FUN

Been sent something from work and I don’t understand it - basically it’s some stuff about pay bands

It’s all stuff about why happens with raises and stuff depending where you sit in the pay band - but then I don’t understand how it’s been worked out

It’s basially

You are in range A: salary between £100 and £200

If you are in the 80 - 90% range of the band this happens
If you are in the 90 - 100% range of the band this happens
If you are in the 100 - 110% range of the band this happens

I don’t understand what 100% is? Is it £200 (the top of the range?) - so is 0% £100?

I don’t get it!

with a username like that, I’m a bit surprised at this thread tbh


What a load of utter shite.


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I’m full of surprises!

I might just be getting confused as the bottom of the band seems to be saying it’s 80% - 90% of the salary range - but then it’s like, that’s not the bottom is it? Quite obviously - the bottom would be like 0 - 25% wouldn’t it?

I want a range life


That’s the way I’d interpret it. What I don’t understand the 100%-110% bit. 110% would take you higher that £200 therefore you aren’t in range A so that information is irrelevant

Some people are on legacy salaries from before the pay bands were introduced - so they can actually be on more money (I think)

you can do what you want man, don’t let anyone hold you back

I don’t know what you are talking about and don’t know if this is even relevant but just want to put it on record that I think percentage pay increases are absolute bullshit.


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Oh, is it that for the real salary amounts that you’ve substituted for £100 and £200, the bottom of the range is 80% of the top of the range? So if £200 is the top of the range the bottom of the range is £160?

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So the bottom of the range is 0% and the top is 100% ?

That’s what I would assume - but then the letter I have starts with

‘If you are in the 80 - 90% range of the band this happens’

Which is what I don’t really get, as what has happened to the 0 - 80% bit


I feel like I being a big thick?

Oh and I’M the sarcastic one around here… Jeez

No 200 is the top - 100 is the bottom

And then it goes -

‘if you are in the bottom of the range (80% - 90%) then this happens’

And my brain just can’t get on with 80% - 90% being the bottom

Has it just been really badly written?

They are tho!

Ok - it’s good to know I’m not being totally stupid - I think they have fucked it up somewhere (will email hr on Monday)

Have a great evening EVERYONE!

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Wouldn’t get out of bed for that tbh

So for the actual salary amounts the bottom of the range is half the top of the range?