Can you beat my lunch


I’m at home and my mum just made us a roast chicken dinner with all the trimmings followed by sticky toffee pudding.

Anyone do any better than that?


I love a Monday roast! Had the same last week :poultry_leg:

I’m just munching a ham baguette :pig_nose:


No, I have instant noodles



I had a really great lunch though:

Courgette, spinach and kale soup (really fucking great)
BBQ sausage roll (life-changing)
Skya sour cherry yogurt

Have a banana and an apple to keep me going until later.


full roast eater


Not really into lunch atm


I had a vegan falafel salad
sweet chili chicken skewers and a Dr Pepper (diet, obvs) all from the co-op. Would give it all a 7.5/10


i had an ok ham and chicken sandwich and then a bag of crisps that cut the inside of my mouth. you win.


I think you’ve got dinner confused with lunch m9.


I’m out tonight so won’t be home for dinner, so mum kindly made it for lunch instead. Winning.


left over pizza and garlic bread


I like the sound of this lunch, tell me more about the BBQ sausage roll.


Cant decide between a baked eggs thing and pancakes


here’s a picture


Egg bomb?


I had a quorn sausage turnover and some peas.

Check mate, atheists.


I had an Itsu duck pot noodle/soup type thing and a bit of salmon. Very oriental.


I’m not liking this, sorry.


So is it a normal sausage roll with BBQ sauce in then? Last time I was in greggs they were doing a BBQ pulled chicken roll which was pretty good.


Recently I’ve been having fake ham and real cheese and real flute bread sandwiches, really nice. I might have had too much bread and cheese though so should probably lay off it a bit.