Can you boogie?

I don’t really understand it now and its very impressive to me that you do

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is that the one where you put your hands on your shoulders and that?

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That sounds like “Heads, shoulders, knees and toes”

yeah that’s it

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I enjoy it but I probably suck

The boogie lost the battle but wonderland

That’s me away

I can boogie oogie oogie til I just can’t boogie no more.

But no more than once a week.

I’m an enthusiastic yet unskilled boogier but I love it. It’s quite the sight tbh, looks like I’ve got a dozen limbs.


Yes sir, I love to boogie.

And regularly do.

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Can we boogie together one day please Slicko?

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I love a good boogie, makes me very happy in the right circumstances

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Nothing would please me more :heart_eyes:

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Only if I’m wearing my boogie shoes.

I would love the chance for a boogie right now tbh


Do you point when you dance?

  • I’m a smooth operator, of course I point. To the left, to the right, up! Down! Over there!
  • Pointless boogie

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No, and I dislike both the act of boogieing and social expectations and prejudices around boogieing.

“Oh go on, it’ll be fun!”

No you see because fun is subjective and depends on an individual’s wants and needs, so what is fun for you might not be fun for another person


louis theroux tribute

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pointing, pointing, pointing towards freedom

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