Can you build up an immunity to being tickled?

I’m not talking ‘tickly under here’ armpit bullshit but hardcore feather under the nose business?

You need to go to your doctor and ask to be vaccinated.

imagine if you wanked so much you built up an immunity to it!!!

Yeah… huh… that would be really bad…

Have you seen that docco Tickled on Netflix man?

Nope, sounds pretty deviant! And even worse… possibly educational.

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It certainly takes a turn.

(it’s pretty shit though).


We were talking about Nick Knowles nob earlier. Do you think there is a thread in that?

I’ve seen worse (threads not nobs).

The chief German interrogator of world war two was called Mr Tickle for obvious reasons - true fact
I am surprised you didn’t know that B-man?

yor nob cud just get really sore and u wudnt be able to it, not really an immunity though.

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Who do you reckon is the most famous person whose nob you’ve seen?

Ian botham followed by dappy from N’Dubz, for me

Can you die from being tickled?

Which one did you like best?

Dappy, but that’s not the point. Beefy is more famous

In the flesh?

One day, hopefully

I pissed next to Bernard Gallagher and had a little looksee but don’t think that counts.

I haven’t seen a non family member’s nob for years. Need to get back in the game. Volunteers?

I struggle to believe you haven’t seen Ian botham’s penis