Can you do the Dele Alli celebration thing?

  • Yes, easy
  • No, what the hell, how does he do that

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Can extend this thread to the flossing dance, Vulcan hand sign, the possibilities are endless.


This is going to be fucking everywhere when I get back to work/school.


Is this the football thread?


No, obviously.



be careful you don’t smash your new glasses when attempting it.


Rolling dele Alli celebration hand thing 2018/19 (rolling)


Smells like a football thread.


Just worked out that I can’t do this with my right hand on account of breaking my wrist as a kid. So that’s great.

Can’t get my left hand to do it properly either.

Cheers Dele.


Here we are now, entertain us


“yeah, what’s hard about that? he’s just got his… ah no wait. hmm. no.”


my fingers end up on the wrong side

Thread for posts that are funnier out of context

It’s easy


Some good vids of people trying to do it in the MANCHESTER UNITED dressing room.

Fred is abysmal at it


Can you do the floss?

  • Yes
  • No
  • U wot m9?

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baffled that people cant do this.


wish I was a pro footballer so I could have a silly celebration :frowning:


just start celebrating things.

like when you make a nice cup of tea.


just want an excuse to show people that i can lick my elbow I guess


save it for Thursday