Can you drive a car?

  • yes
  • no

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If yes, do you drive often?
No, how comes? … don’t wanna?

kill me

Yes. I drive 5-6 times per week minimum.

2-3 times a week. I really hate driving.

almost never. once every couple of years?

because i don’t own a car and have very little need to drive.

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I used DriveNow to go to and from the gym. I sometimes drive my boyfriends car for the same reasons or to pick him up from the golf club when i’ve ran errands in the car.
That’s it.

No. Part extreme laziness, part not having the money for loads of lessons when I wasn’t being extremely lazy, part not really needing to learn due to where I live / circumstance.

I do very much regret not getting it out the way when I was younger, but it has little effect on my life at the moment.

I’d prefer to be driven, obviously.

I can drive a car. I don’t drive often because I live in a city where it’s almost pointless to have a car really.


hate these threads

Not legally.

Had a few lessons when I was 17 but then binned it off to go to Shagaluf didn’t I

Can’t be arsed to start again, waste of time and money in LDN innit.


Yes, I do.

Yes, I can, but I drive very rarely now, as I live in a city with excellent public transport, or with pretty much everything else I need within walkable and cyclable distance.

Never seemed worth the money as a kid. Now I’m just scared I’d kill someone.

Yes, my girlfriend uses it to commute, I use it occasionally to go to football and to drive home to see my friends Ben and Krista do a gig

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Not sure I could even remember how to anymore. Is it like riding a bike?

exactly the same story as this, but replace Shagaluf with Benicassim Festival.


Scared I’d kill someone. I probably really should learn though.

Us “no” voters are a pretty cool group, actually.

Can’t drive and have never had a lesson let alone turned a car engine on. Lived in London my entire life so has always seemed entirely redundant.

Hopefully driverless cars arrive in time for me to get kids to school etc.

  • 2-3 times a week
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