Can you drive a car?

less lycra and stupid french words

Oh I couldn’t guarantee that in my car

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sorry - what do you hate about them?
they are insanely … bleerghh… that?

every day



I actually hate/d driving, always feel like I’m at the wheel of a lethal weapon and have horrendous amounts of nervous sweating.
Also you can’t go anywhere and have a drink or anything else so basically no fun at all. Easily sacrifice a bit of convenience for that.

obviously I parked at my mum’s and got her to drive me in so I could go to twisters after but, y’know

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5 days a week, 50-67 miles a day.

Try and avoid it as much as possible on my days off cos I cba with driving around town.

who… are… you?

Drive once, maybe twice a week tops. Driving to the sports centre is the only regular journey. Rest of them are either going out of town or if we’re doing a BIG shop typically. < 3,000 miles a year FTW.

This is the wanking poll, right?

Can I? Yes, because I’m an adult?

How Often? I drive most days if I’m not away with work (and then it depends where I go and if I have a rental) Probably at least 6 out of 7 days in a normal week.


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i guess so - whatever that is

Can’t believe you gave him the satisfaction.

Now you’ve lost your chance to make a snide comment about Audi drivers and try to hook him back :wink:

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Stop ruining my fun


The most adult adults can accept that all adults are adult and thus achieve supradulthood

tbf not driving/owning a car I can understand, but not getting or wanting a basic, adult life skill really is a bit :thinking:

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learning to drive is extremely expensive