Can you find the United States on a map?

and other sporcle quizzes please…


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Easy. It’s that amorphous blob just underneath The True North.

is one I’m slightly obsessed with.

I hate this one. Going to do it again later.

I did it over and over and over, until I got them all right. Then I started trying to go faster. I’ve pretty much got it off pat now and can do it fairly comfortably in seven or eight minutes, but if I don’t do it for a few days things start to fall out of my memory.

Surprisingly useful for TV quizzes though. Just having a basic understanding of where countries are in the world gets you a fair proportion of geographical questions there. Trying to learn capital cities broke me though.

47/50. No-one likes Nebraska, Missouri and Ohio anyway.


got three wrong that i’ve been to

edit: just realised i should probably spoiler this for other people wanting to do it

Texas is too big really, isn’t it? Could give some of that away to their neighbours. Sure they’d be absolutely fine about it.

California’s far too big. the south is basically Mexico and the people in the north are pretty much Canadians

i’m not doing that one

did it over and over until i could get 100% every time a few years ago, don’t want to go back

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50/50 at about the fourth attempt. Another one of my routine ones, but I’m a bit rusty. The no outlines minefield versions are a bitch.

At least one of the countries will have changed since then too. That was quite a surprise to me when it got updated.

also what’s with this bit of Oklahoma. why is it there and what’s it like to live right in that corner surrounded by four other states.


Gonna fire up google earth and have a nice stare

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Iowa, Illinois and Indiana just cause me grief every time, and for some reason I can’t reliably get Arizona and Nevada in the right places often too.

Presumably it must be to do with having to have a border with New Mexico?

heh, Beaver


Looks like it’s all about Texans’ love of slavery. Who’d have guessed.

Wonder what the commute is like from Liberal, Kansas to Tyrone, Oklahoma