Can you find the United States on a map?

The name Indiana has me wanting it to be much further west than it is. Tennessee, too, I always expect to be west of where it is.

The only thing I know about Indiana is that that’s where Axl Rose is from, and that leads me to the same instincts as you.

honestly thought this just meant point out the united states on a map of the world

I reckon know ROUGHLY where most states are. (left, right, middle, top, bottom)


Me too.

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try hardcore mode

37/50, nearly as good as the normal one :upside_down_face:

Yeah I really hate that one.

Literally impossible to correctly get Rhode Island on a phone.




One of my sad(dest) skills in life is the ability to score 100% on this quiz:

If you think this is weird. Google ‘Point Roberts’ in Washington state.

Also Google ‘Kentucky Bend’

Always freaks my nut that Detroit is north of Canada.

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