Can you get it me by COP today

What’s your current favourite work acronym?

No point including that in your OKR, it’s just BAU.

There’s a bit of kit the techies use that’s called a SCAT, and that never stops being funny to me.

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  • COP
  • COB
  • EOD

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Love that


Spent a meeting confused out of my tiny mind about something on the projector that said ROI.

Found out later it was talking about the Irish and not return on investment.


Remember Drillo the old Wimbledon manager?



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Nicking that might even call it doodill

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We use TLA (three letter acronym) which started ironically because of the amount of TLA’s in use here but it just ended up in the bullshit business lexicon.

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We’ve recently started referring to ‘asserts, blockers or crashes’ as ‘ABCs’


We also use ‘it’s a JFDI’ for an unpopular instruction that has to be done above all other work.

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We had a review of new appointments and loads of people had (RIP) next to their name and I thought that’s sad. And then, holy shit, why are so many dead?? And then I realised it meant ‘recruitment incentive payment’. And then I spent the next 10 minutes chuckling to myself.

Good meeting, all in all.


“Holding the pen”

press the flesh

i like to drag out stuff like this. COP? yeah close of play. close of play? yeah like the end of the day. oh so like 5 o clock? yeah. oh ok yeah, i can do it by 5 o clock.

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what does this mean?

Is it a sex thing?