Can you help?

Can you help? If we’ve turned you on to any music or brightened your day over the past 20 years, please consider making a small donation to help keep us going.

Please give whatever you can over at

Thank you
Site Founder

p.s. you can also make a regular donation using either or this alternative PayPal link


Done. Much love @sean.

thank you. really appreciate it.

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Pinged you something over. Label wouldn’t exist without the site - we owe you gratitude as well as $$$

Worth bumping the patreon thread as well?


I thought I’d keep it simple to just PayPal for now. Was told if you give people an option that they choose not to choose.


Do you have a rough figure for how much you need / what the deficit is?

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Done. I owe this site a great deal - a lot more than I can afford to give sadly.

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Done. If the restructuring at work doesn’t lead to my entire department, or me at least, being made redundant next month I’ll do it again.

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sorry should have replied in this thread: does that op suggest that the archive site costs more than it makes?

Done. Feel free to make these threads more regularly and remind us to chip in.

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Done! Might contribute more next pay day. Cheers for all the hard work, Sean

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Are the old boards still a money sink? Wonder what people think about killing them? They’re so borked anyway, and in terms of the music board, it gives people a free license to have the same conversations all over again. Would be a shame to lose some of it butttt…

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I couldn’t give one crap if the old boards went now tbh.



good luck sean.

I would also support just getting rid of the old boards. Give everyone a warning though so they can save their favourite threads if they care that much.

And yeah most of the big threads are unreadable cause of deletes posts and the nested view.




Done. Hope it helps.

genuinely only supported their existence because i thought sean was making profit from them


used to feel a bit sad at the idea of the old boards being nuked but as time goes on i don’t really mind now - they’re generally a bit too unwieldy to find stuff on now anyway and yeah lots of the threads are too broken. think we’ve generated enough #classicbants here now for it not to be an issue cutting the old one loose.