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We’re nearing 3k on our Facebook fundraiser. Thank you to everyone who has donated there or via PayPal. This really helps get us out of a pickle. It buys us not just time but hopefully we can keep DiS afloat into 2019 and beyond

Thinking of ideas of things we can do next year to radically lower costs and shift up the value of what we do.



oh god, reading through the rest of the thread and sub-threads. classic case of makes insulting accusation, receives insulting reply, acts all shocked and hurt. fucking hate that.

appreciate the sentiment of standing up for music journos writing for free but i’m well aware that most music journos don’t get paid because most music sites don’t make any money. it’s good and right to stand up against the ‘for exposure’ attitude when it’s coming from those who can afford to pay but see art or copy as something they don’t need to pay for. using it against music sites and publications that are only just staying afloat isn’t really the battle to pick.

in my experience contributors to most sites are well aware of the financial circumstances and choose to continue if they enjoy doing it. i’d love to get paid for writing but know that the site i write for wouldn’t be able to continue existing if that were the case.


I have to say that this reaction isn’t unusual at all, though. When the huge server costs have come up in previous years I’ve seen a lot of literal disbelief from people who’ve run sites.

Of course, it’s important to point out that no one who ever believed the figures was going to just say apropos of nothing, “Hey yeah, those figures seem really accurate to me”! :wink:

But it’s not worth singling this person out as if this was a weird one off. Possibly he’s just the first person (this time round?) to actively make a big stink about their assumption.


Hi Sean,

This feels like we’re back in the same situation as 2.5 years ago when these new forums were made in an attempt to keep costs down. Is there any way to see if that is true?

Because it seems like you’re saying this alone hasn’t stopped the old forums from draining your money. And if that’s the case IT’S TIME TO DELETE THE OLD FORUMS AND FUCK ANYONE’S FEELINGS.

Back to what I said about this before but maybe more detailed.

  1. I would look at your current 404 page on DiS. I don’t have a direct URL so I just made this one up to get there:
    I think there are two things you should consider about this page first because when you delete the forums people will land on this A LOT.
    a) Put a LOAD of adverts on it from Google or whatever, just monetise the hell out of it.
    b) Change it so a 404 goes directly to - I am guessing this will be achieved by a change to the file .htaccess in your root directory but it could be something in the site’s construction, in which case you’ll need to find a Ruby developer to help you, but it shouldn’t be too hard.

  2. As I said before, you should simply clear the database of forum posts. There must be a flag on forum posts that show them as such compared to articles. The quickest way would be to find a forum post, e.g.
    and another in music
    then grab a review and an interview from the front page and use the ID in the URL to pull up those article records and see what is different.
    From here you could use your test site to see what happens when you clear out all the forum posts. If the site runs fine then you should be good.

I mean there isn’t even a way to see those forum posts except either by googling or by directly putting the URL in because ‘Community’ sends you here now on the main menu.


What’s the Subways second best song?

Balonz asked me by PM earlier, dunno what he’s saying, tbh.


Ah yes, The 1975, beloved by all middle class privately educated types everywhere. I expect to see them playing the Henley Regatta in 2019.


You can achieve the redirect with htaccess yep -
You don’t need to do more than that regardless of what the site’s built on


Yes but the nature of Ruby means it could actually be creating it rather than using that.

Goes somewhere weird for example…


My mum cuts hair. My dad is a painter and decorator. I didn’t goto private school. There’s your theory fucked. Not sure what relevance it has to this thread anyway.


My ambition has always been to pay for every contribution. However, with fewer than 10k people reading each article, and our income per view being far lower than a Youtube view (let alone a Spotify play) then you can imagine how little each article makes. Factor in the fact that most months about 70% of our pageviews don’t get sold at premium rates, and I suspect you can imagine the pence per article we “make”.

Anyone trying to be a smart arse working out what our YouTube royalty rate based income should be for the forums should keep in mind that advertisers are only interested in your first 5 pageviews. After that you’re blind to advertising for the rest of the day and they don’t really pay for it - hence making the forum ad free for regulars on the forums (I think I managed to make that trust level thing work anyway).


Thanks Theo, will discuss with Ruby developers and see what’s easiest. They’ve already sent some ideas.

The main issue is caching. A static archive might be easier to preserve but the fact we’re still setting articles live on the old site is one of the issues.


Yeah, i was mocking that Subways guy’s bizarre assertion from the tweet you posted that they’re some middle clasd wank fantasy band.


sentimentality aside, it sounds hugely like anything other than covering the old site in kerosene and chucking a match on is going to cause you so much stress.

On the other hand I keep a copy back in the homeland of every single issue of any magazine i previously edited since I first started out, so I understand why you’re loathe to do that. If there was a way of burning the forums but archiving the articles, that would be a superb thing to be able to do. If it all has to come in one horrible package, get that petrol.


Sean what are the scope for users having stuff published? I am sure some people here would write and post stuff for free which would add to the content. I know I would (although I am a terrible writer)


Paypal sub setup last month


The facebook campaign ends today. Thank you to everyone who has donated. Totally understand if you can’t afford to donate but if you could give it a share that would be super helpful