Can you point me toward the best sludgiest doom/black metal about?

I like Electric Wizard. I like the band Dopethrone (named after then Electric Wizard album) and I like the heavier side of the Melvins. The song History of Bad Men in particular. Where should I go next?

I also like pretty much all sorts of drone. Including drone metal. Sunn 0)), Earth, Burzum, Boris (although they are a bit clean for me) etc. Im only mentioning this because I want my metal to be cathartic. Repetition and slowness is good.

Where should I go next? What should I listen to for that slow heavy sound?


Came in to post this.

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big fan of these guys

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They’ve been mentioned a fair bit in the heavy music thread but Bell Witch

Corrupted are also a great example of this


not sure i get the thread really, most of this is stoner/doom

I guess it’s more post heavy slow stuff?

Speaking of Harvey Milk, this is one of my favourite albums. Equally parts brutal and beautiful, it’s a concept album about a couple who go off to a cabin in the woods to talk about an unplanned pregnancy.

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i quite enjoy harvey milk but for me the best thing they’ve ever done is that article where they talk about how shit all their albums are


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Been listening to this for ages but I just cottoned onto what the concept of the album was :upside_down_face:

This is a beast of sludge/blackened/post metal

As is this.


I’m Going to Kill Myself is such a wonderfully hostile album!