Can you roll your Rs? (tongue thread)

I can’t yet. Been trying for days and done all the research.



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Any tips?

spasm your tongue up and down on the roof of your mouth just behind your teeth

Yes, but I don’t think I can do it as well as I used to.

Not at all. I can roll my tongue though.


rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr no.

Scratch that, been rrrrrrrrrrrrring while making dinner there and I’m as good as I ever was.

Oui, bien sûrrrrr
(Have a French degree)

Foreign so yes

That’s a different r though


You’re Spanish, it doesn’t count.

It’s a thing I seem to be able to do sometimes, but not always.

I’ve heard tongue exercises help put your tongue just behind your teeth and open your mouth and close it over and over.

From my reading; say shhhhhhh and then push your tongue to the place just behind your teeth that causes the air to stop. This is where the tongue needs to be. but it’s also got to be a really relaxed tongue. I’ve been practising this loads to make the tongue vibrate but I can’t get it to wobble. I also read that you should put your finger or a cotton wool bud under your tongue and wiggle it. This works but it’s also cheating but that’s what the website said to do.

arrrrrrgh me hearrrrrrties yes i can

Yep, a Spanish woman taught me Latin and I picked up her pronounciation of certain verb conjugations. Porrrto, porrrtas etc