Can you tell the difference



between a Satsuma, a Tangerine and a Clemantine?

Either by sight or by taste.

  • Yes, I can.
  • No, I cannot.

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nobody can


I can’t tell them apart, but my preference goes

  1. clementine
  2. satsuma
  3. tangerine


Tangerines are a bit sharper tasting than the other 2, wouldn’t be able to tell the others apart, or to tell any of them apart on sight




tell you what i bloody love



Think tangerines are the only ones of the three with seeds, but I might be wrong


They’re all the same thing.


you’re out of control today


He’s this wrong about things on these boards quite often tbf


I’m very calm.


Shut the fuck up.


new FM release season, innit. a lot better than during previous releases, for sure.


Yeah, learned the difference back at citrus camp.




I thought about your post “yeah, I’m wild about longitude” yesterday and chuckled to myself.


easy tiger!


Proudest moment of playing in a band was going onstage at the Barfly and finding Mark Owen’s setlist still taped to it from the night before.

Clementine was on it three times.


I like a man who knows what his fans want.


My only regret is that we didn’t have time to cobble together a cover of it before we went on.