Can you tell the difference


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a normal poll and a poll with weird spaces between all the voters

  • yeah it’s weird
  • no what

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craft beer & cooking lager

  • yes obviously
  • who gives a fuck

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Should be multiple choice

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artisanal* hipster hand roasted bean coffee & cheap instant shit

  • ja, va
  • hot cup of no

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*lol anal

brands of ketchup

  • ketchup (y)
  • catsup (n)

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yeah, but I probably prefer the instant stuff.


  • Ham
  • I Can’t Believe It’s Not Ham

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Tangerines and satsumas, sure.

Clementines seem to show more variance to my mind. Might just be consistently poor supermarket labelling.

opinions expressed earnestly on internet website drowned in sound dot com and patent attempts at garnering attention and or the stirring of beeves

  • YES!
  • NO!

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come at me, bro

Pretty sure garnering attention is already patent protected.

name brand / own brand breakfast cereals

  • coco pops
  • cocoa flavoured puffs

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this man can tell the difference between ham and not ham.

“of the 10 samples, 9 of those came back as no-not ham”.

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  • sheriff of not in ham
  • the bat man of got ham

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