Can you use* chopsticks?

  • Yes
  • No

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Regrettably I cannot.

Chat welcome.

*by use I mean eat at about the same speed as without and not drop food everywhere.

No point.

poll needs third option: yes, but not well

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Yesterday there was such a dearth of cutlery in the office kitchen that I used chopsticks to stir my tea, withdraw the teabag (and bin it) and also pick out a mini M&S tea-cake from the tub.

I hope I have clarified matters for you here, thewarn.

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See I kinda think this. I’m happy with a fork. What’s the point? Never had the opportunity to use them as a child and then as an adult don’t have the patience to learn whilst my nice food gets cold.

Went to Wagamama on Saturday afternoon and was utterly ham-fisted with them. Reverted to the fork

Those of us who CAN use them

  • Use them even when cutlery is available to show off
  • Use a knife and fork

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Been there. Literally and figuratively.

How are we defining “available”?

Scenario 1: there are chopsticks on the table but you can have a knife and fork if you ask the waiter: I’d persevere with the chopsticks

Scenario 2: there are chopsticks on the table as well as a knife and fork: I’ll use the chopsticks for a while and then probably switch to the knife and fork when I get bored / impatient.


Not doing the survey until you add a “Like a boss” option.

##reece’s top tip

If taking a camping stove on your family or friends camping experience, use chopsticks to stir, turn and tend in any other way to your food. their simple wipe clean design makes them a treat for the lazy washer upper.

We probably eat about half our meals with chopsticks. Noodles are much easier to eat with chopsticks than western cutlery.

@brusma pleeeeeeaaaase


Depends what you mean! If I’m in a restaurant that defaults chopsticks, then yes, I will use them. If I’m going to an Italian restaurant then I’m not pulling out a pair of engraved chopsticks from my breast pocket and trying to eat fettuccini with it.

Sack it off part way through and eat the rest with knife and fork, eh? Understandable.


Yeah, I know about that. I just don’t see what’s wrong with what I said.

We eat lots of noodles and rice at home, and we use chopsticks. My girlfriend is Cantonese, so it’s just the way it’s done.