Can you

point your fingers and do the twist?

I’m gonna do the twist and it goes like this

don’t actually know what the twist is, only twister

alright kurt cobain

Can you stand on one foot and shake your hands?

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Balonz what is your favourite Wiggles song.

Can’t get this mother fucker or of my head but heard a nice one about a koala the other night.

My Wiggles odyssey is just beginning though. No Wiggles for the other child.

Wait till you hear Mumbles the Monster, reckon my wife and I have randomly broken into it at least twice a week for the past two years.

Also did you know Emma and Lachy got married but now they’ve separated, yet they’re still in the band together #WigglesStrong

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Hey DiS!
(hey what?)
Are you ready?
(for what?)
To pop!
(Pop what?)
My hands are high, my feet are low
And this is how we popseeko

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Pop see ko?
Pop see Ko la?

You’ve been taken in by viral marketing mate