can your vision go blurry from being dehydrated



and has this ever happened to you




subthread: has this ever happened to you

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Prolly best to have a glass of water all the same eh.


mine can’t


my eyes feel kind of sticky and gross when i blink and i have to keep rubbing them to make the blurriness clear


Sounds like hay fever m8.


when i yawn and my eyeballs are moist the blurriness goes, but when they dry they get blurry again. dehydration imo.


I reckon when you’re dehydrated your brain shrinks and pulls on your eye tendons and that affects your vision. In fact I’m sure of it


I think Dr Custard has nailed this particular diagnosis


i mentioned i had floaters in my eyes constantly to a Specsavers woman the other day and she looked really worried. I’m pretty sure it’s normal for me though


I’m very short sighted and have natural double vision, so my eyes are blurry ALL THE TIME.

But also, probably, yes?


just caned 6 glasses of water, we shall see how the next hour or so goes


this is a joke post because it’s blurred


Blink more/get new eyelids.


the water has helped


Whoa, slow down professor.

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I woke up so dehydrated one day I couldn’t see properly and couldn’t walk without losing my balance. Actually quite scary

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Does anyone get a weird smell in their nose when they’re dehydrated? Not dissimilar to when you get hit in the nose. I get it some mornings and I’m wondering if it is actually dehydration that’s causing it.


I cannot fathom how you can get anywhere close to this dehydrated without having chugged down lots of water in the meantime (unless it’s alcohol induced, obviously). If I go like two hours without drinking substantial amounts of water I feel like I’m shrinking into a human sized raisin